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 Justice, fundamentaL rIghts and Artificial intelligence (JuLIA)

Porteur du projet pour le DANTE: Professeure Fabienne Jault
Contrat: JUST-2021-JTRA (Call for proposals for action grants to support transnational projects on judicial training covering civil law, criminal law or fundamental rights)
Durée: Du 01/02/2023 au 31/01/2026 (36 mois)
Equipe du DANTE participant au projet: Professeures Fabienne Jault, Sandrine Clavel et Mélanie Clément-Fontaine

Description du projet

With a view to the upcoming developments in the EU legal framework on artificial intelligence (AI), the JuLIA project focuses on the protection of fundamental rights (FRs) affected by (semi-)automated decision making (ADM). How does ADM affect the rights to effective justice and good administration? Judges are at the crossroads between the algorithmic black box of ADM and its impact on citizens, consumers and society as a whole. This Project will improve the understanding of algorithmic decision making – in judicial, administrative, professional contexts and in the markets – shedding light on its legal implications for fair trial, fair administrative proceedings and other FRs and principles like non-discrimination.


Coordinateur des 11 partenaires: Universitat Pompeu Fabra


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